Keeping Your Golf Equipment in Good Shape

Being a golfer means buying some pretty expensive equipment that you’ll be using outdoors. Even a good sale at can’t ensure that your golf equipment will always be in tip-top shape, as taking good care of it is entirely up to you. You may have the right set of clubs and the perfect bag, but have you kept in mind the amount of cleaning each will need?

A guide to how to keep your golf equipment pristine and clean may seem a bit too basic, but it can help you determine the possible damage your clubs, tees and golf balls may encounter if not properly taken care of.


Before buying your golf bag, make sure that it has the right amount of dividers to ensure each golf club is safe from collision with another. It’s common to hear woods and irons clinking with one another in a golf bag as a golfer moves across a course. As normal as it seems, this is actually step one to damaged clubs. Be sure to keep them away from each other and store your clubs in separate pockets if available. If you have to keep multiple clubs in the same pocket, then be sure to get them head covers. These sock-like covers keep the head of your clubs cushioned and prevent damage when they move around the bag.
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If you happen to live in a place where winter can reach freezing temperatures, then keeping your golf equipment in room temperature can be important. While the manufacturing of most golf balls allows them to be stored almost anywhere, the pressure and sudden force from a club while very cold will surely cause damage. Before playing, be sure to store your golf balls and clubs in room temperature if they were left out in the cold.

The same can be said for storing balls in very hot temperatures. Since golf balls are made of plastic and rubber, high heat can create deformities. A deformed ball is sure to not fly well, so it’s best to avoid keeping your golf balls away from scorching temperatures at all costs.


A long day of playing golf is will always leave you with dirty equipment. You may be too tired to clean your clubs, thinking that you can do so right before your next play, but keep in mind that the longer you leave dirt on your equipment, the higher the chances that these can retain permanent damage.

In cleaning your golf clubs, soak them for a while in warm water. After loosening and softening up the hard-packed dirt, add a bit of soap solution to the water. If you’ve got the money to spare, buying a professional golf equipment cleaning solution is best. If you want to save a bit of money then using normal dish soap is okay as well. Using a toothbrush or other medium to hard bristled brush, scrub along the grooves of the head to remove the dirt clogging them up.


Having a clean golf club head is important since this is what will come into contact with your golf ball to propel it. For the staff and handle of your woods and irons, simply using a damp rag is best to avoid damaging the material of the handle.

Golf balls tend to become the dirtiest, due to rolling through the course all day. Most golf balls can be easily cleaned with the above mentioned dish soap and warm water trick, but others may require more persistence. If stains other than normal dirt are found on the golf ball, then wiping acetone or ammonia will take care of it.

Taking diligent care of your golf equipment can be rewarding, as you not only save money that may be spent on buying new equipment, but also because it helps your loyal clubs and golf balls stay usable for longer periods of time. When you find your perfect sport partners at, you’ll want to make sure they have the longest lifespan possible.

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